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Paean to an Indian Wedding

Into poetry? Here’s a paean to an Indian wedding.

Hall decked in fragrant flowers,

The sound of sweet rustling silk,

Painted in colours of heaven,

Festivity to the brink.

Gorgeous attires

Compliment beauty,

Father of the bride

Exhibits perfection in duty.

Mehendi with many a colour, blends

Intricate designs, setting trends.

Soulful music played on instruments rare,

Vedic chants from the dais fill the air.

The beautiful bride radiant with joy,

Reflected on the face of the groom, handsome boy!

A spread of food, to die for,

Hospitality, in torrents, as a shower.

Blessings given by one and all,

A grand occasion enjoyed, we have all had a ball.


‘Srika’ (Dr B Srikanth) is an orthopedic surgeon, singer, songwriter, and a self-taught musician.  He lives in London with his wife and two children.

Image courtesy of Srineet via Creative Commons.


Editor’s note:

Here is some insight into two different types of Indian weddings: Tamil Brahmin wedding and Malayalee Hindu wedding.

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