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Jodi365 is for quality singles. People have long needed to take our word for it, though. That’s because we’re big on privacy and don’t let random visitors browse profiles on our platform, as if it were a shopping catalogue. However, through this new Spotlight section, we’re happy to showcase attractive, accomplished, and authentic single professionals – individuals who are representative of the kind of quality singles you can find on Jodi365. Here’s featuring a smart, attractive investment analyst, P. (Respecting her desire for some semblance of privacy, we’re not disclosing her name.)

Introducing P. [PRD-229-240]


Who is the person—living or dead—you most admire and why?

Richard Feynman (minus the misogyny). The safecracking, bongo-playing genius embodied curiosity and displayed the wonderful coexistence of serious academia, active social life, and soulful art.

Please provide a current professional bio of yourself.

I work as an investment analyst at a hedge fund. We mostly work with data on fundamental equities to validate hypotheses, generate insights, and forecast/build models.

If you could take up another occupation for a day, or a week, what would it be and why?

A movie critic, perhaps. As to the why, because bingeing rocks, duh!

What is the best advice you have received? From whom and why?

Can’t really call it advice nor did it come from someone, but the idea of a causal and deterministic universe, taking away free will strangely gives me comfort – helps stay levelheaded on the highs and the lows.

And what is the advice you are glad you DIDN’T follow?

Nothing in specific – but mostly around unfounded beliefs, gender roles, and patriarchy.

How would those who know you personally – family and friends – describe you?

We’re gonna have to ask them that. *awkward smile*

What are the most important qualities that you’re looking for in a potential partner?

Curiosity, above all. A certain disregard for conventional wisdom, sophistication and a big bookshelf. Championing a good work-life balance, living for the little things, and looking for an early retirement. Non-vegetarian, drinker, smoker – recreationally. Progressive, non-religious, feminist. Plans to settle abroad, in a life for two, as night-owls.

What do you consider essential to a successful relationship?

Mutual trust, respect, clear understanding and acceptance of expectations, strong commitment, honesty, and above all, plenty of love to go around. Not mere tolerance, but absolute adoration for the significant other’s weirdest quirks.

What three accomplishments of yours – personal or professional – are you most proud of?

Getting into my PG course definitely stands out as one. The others are much less clear – perhaps designing my first course and a workshop back in 2016. Some test scores maybe. I can’t really think of any singular accomplishment, I can say that I’m content with my journey so far and the position I’m currently in.

If you could acquire a new talent or skill, what would it be and why?

Piano playing, without a question. The intensity, the all-consuming passion leaves one overwhelmed, even for a noob such as myself. I can only imagine what it feels like when one masters the art. Also, cool thing to show off. 😛

What’s your favorite food?

And a chick-chick here and a chick-chick there, here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick-chick!

What is the last book, movie, or TV series that you enjoyed?

Watched Queen’s Gambit, ended up catapulted into the chess world, haven’t really watched/read anything else since. Not that I’m good just yet though. 🙁

What other activities or interests do you like making time for?

Been learning to play keyboard for some time now, avid reader since childhood, bingeing is life, so is music, especially classic/indie rock – *all hail Alex Turner*.

What do you enjoy spending money on? What do you not enjoy spending money on?

a) Anything I want for a functionality – as long as the function is worth (to me) the price.

b) Status symbols/non-functional expenditures/compulsive shopping.

What do you think are the most troubling issues in society today? What gives you reason to be hopeful for the world?

Global warming, environmental pollution – made worse by staunch, unrelenting, and unsubstantiated belief systems and disbelief for anything in disagreement, even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, powering a more divisive and potentially very dangerous world, distracting us from the actual threats we’re facing. Humanity bounced back from two world wars, terrible pandemics, and worldwide mountain eruptions that wiped out almost the entire population. Resilience gives me hope.

List four things that you haven’t yet done or experienced but would like to in this lifetime.

1. Cliff diving
2. Live concerts/orchestral performances. *looks longingly at the bucket list of artists*
3. A happy marriage. *this list is in no particular order, so spare the judgmental looks*
4. Sorry, not for the public eye!

What are you most grateful for? What are things that bring you joy?

Art, love, and Science.

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