Tips to pack efficiently for a trip

Whether it is for a business meeting or a vacation, going away can be a headache if you hate living out of a suitcase.  However, it can be less cumbersome if you know how to pack like a pro.  Read on for some tips on how to pack efficiently for a trip.

#1. Plan in advance

Do some research about the place you are heading to.  This will give you an idea about what sort of weather to expect and accordingly, what kind of clothes to pack.  Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing.  You need to decide in advance about how many pieces of luggage you will be carrying, especially if you are flying, considering how baggage costs have been on the rise.

#2. Choose the right luggage

Invest in good luggage
Invest in good luggage

Invest in a sturdy, easy-to-maneuver, and lightweight luggage.  Roll-on suitcases are an ideal choice if you are not going hiking or camping.

#3. Get travel-size goods

The toiletries you use you on a regular basis may not always be suitable for traveling.  Why would you carry whole bottles of shampoo and conditioner if you are going to end up using them just once during your trip?  Not only do they take up a lot of luggage space but also make your carrier heavy.  Invest in travel-size goods which you can re-fill and re-use.

#4. Check your itinerary

Check your itinerary and identify the kind of clothes you would need for different occasions.  Make sure you pack only those items you would put to use during your trip.

#5. Make a checklist

Make a checklist
Travel checklist

Making a check-list of all the items you would need to pack, will eliminate the possibility of you leaving something behind accidentally.  Do this a couple of days in advance so that you don’t forget important things such as prescriptions and medicines.  Carry the very same checklist with you  to make sure you don’t leave anything behind when you return from your trip.

#6. To fold or to roll?

The art of folding clothes
Folding clothes; Frédérique Voisin-Demery

Rolling your clothes is more space saving than folding them.  However, if you want to keep your clothes wrinkle free, it is advised that you fold them.  Instead of sticking to one method, incorporate both while you pack; roll all wrinkle-resistant material and fold your crisp, starched shirts and sarees.  Keep your folded clothes above your rolled ones so that they don’t unroll.

#7. Organize your clothes

Organize your clothes
Organize your clothes; Daisy. R

Put all your shirts, shorts, jeans, and other items of clothing in separate bundles to make it easier for you to find them as soon as you unpack.

#8. Pack the bulky items first

Place your shoes, hair-iron, blow dryers, and other bulky items at the bottom of your suitcase.  You can fill the nooks and crannies with rolled up socks, belts, or underwear.  Keep fragile items between layers of clothes to protect them for breaking.  Your toiletry kit can go on the very top.

#9.  Keep souvenirs in mind

Wherever you are heading to, you would want to bring home some souvenirs for yourself, your friends, and family.  Keep this in mind while you pack so that you wouldn’t have to compromise on what to bring back.

#10. Pack the essentials in your carry-on luggage

Mind your carry-on
Mind your carry-on

Airlines are notorious for losing luggage, especially if you have connecting flights.  Pack valuables such as money and passport in your carry-on, which you can always keep an eye on.

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