“Heal thy” IS the key to being healthy!


Health is a 360-degree approach. You need to keep your physical, mental and emotional health sane. In trying times, especially in today’s world, that is getting bit more difficult. But no worries! The fact that you want to check in yourself, and you want to know how to keep your nerves at bay is the definition of self care.

Sun salutations should not be missed

Let’s jump right in.

1. Be active

You are a human being. Not a potted plant. Our bodies are supposed to be in motion. So dance, jump, skip, walk or just stand. Find activities where you can move. Play badminton, walk to the grocery store, stand while taking a call… there are so many ways to keep moving.

2. Hey, it’s okay

Please put this down for a few seconds. Close your eyes. Loosen your jaw. Get comfortable. Come on, deep breaths. Inhale for four seconds. Exhale for another four. Do a couple more reps. Good vibes guaranteed!

3. Limit your news intake

Hasan Minhaj said that our heads have too many tabs open. He’s right. We are exposed to too much information. We will burnout otherwise. Focus on a few things and get out.

4. Get off of your gadget

Now this seems like a terrible idea to say to you, considering you are reading this online. But you have 1000 notifications coming in, and then many posts to look at, tap, like, share and followed by mindless scrolling. Get off of it. Play a board-game. Read a book. Screen time often tends to lessen your attention span, gives way too many headaches, and we really don’t want the bees to go extinct.

5. Learn whatever

Keep in mind, this is not a productivity contest. But learning new skills or subjects tends to broaden your perspectives. So learn to cartwheel, learn how to be deft at Excel, to write ghost stories, anything.

6. Pull your circle close

In difficult times, it is only love that has proven to be your mental sanity and clarity. You need to invest in relationships, especially those that are playful, supportive and empowering. And also a gentle reminder that this is not a transaction relationship. Do not bank on them only in times of strife. You need to be a good friend too.

7. Pray

Okay before all the atheist and the agnostics start to roll their eyes, wait! By prayer, I imply, spiritual practice. It can be as simple as folding clothes, chewing your food and tasting every bite, listening to Phil Collins, making out. Anything that doesn’t rock your boat, my fren, is a prayer.

8. Be grateful

Life is abundant. The faster you realize that, the more life you will have in your living.

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