Being worthy of a worthy partner

People always have a dream partner in mind when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriages. Obviously, no one real can match that ideal. But to get someone close to it, you also need to be a good partner. If you want a worthy partner, you need to be worthy too.  In a healthy relationship, the giving and receiving should be fairly balanced. To be a fair and loving partner, read the following points. Perhaps, it will help you in your pursuit of love, as you manifest these qualities in you and around you. 

Love being in love
  • Trustworthiness: You need to be an honest and reliable person. Someone your partner does not have to keep checking if you’re lying and/ or is hesitate to open up to.
  • Responsibility: You need to take responsibility of the relationship as well. It is only about your partner constantly making you happy, but both of you strive to support each other in times of grief, work on being happy together, and keep the relationship stronger.
  • Caring: Everyone has a different love language. To show you care, you should be in touch with your emotions and theirs. You should know how to express yourself and communicate better. Observe and ask what makes them feel loved and cared for, and try being the person they receive the affection from. It works!
  • Respect: Without mutual respect, relationships are tough to navigate. Always respect each other’s emotions, sensibilities, and individuality. If these things clash, the fights are very hard to recover from. You may not agree with each other, but you have no right to hurt the other by disrespecting them.
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