Should one write their own matrimonial profile?


I am reminded of this story said to involve Abraham Lincoln:

One day, a White House official walked in on Lincoln while he was polishing his shoes.  Surprised, he asked, “Mr. President, you polish your own shoes?!”  Lincoln’s response, “Why, whose shoes do you polish?”

To create our profile or not to create?

Your profile on a matchmaking site is meant to give someone an idea of who you are and to intrigue someone enough in wanting to learn more about you.  Nobody knows you better than you.  So, write your own profile!

Sure, you can have a close friend or relative view the profile and provide feedback on whether the profile accurately describes who you are as a person. Just don’t leave the profile’s entire creation to someone who thinks they know you, but may not truly know what makes you tick.

Sadly, that includes most parents who are often not only clueless, but also so focused on making their son or daughter’s profile shine that they apply way too much polish.  Someone who has looked at enough profiles can easily identify such too-good-to-be-true profiles.

So, again, write your own profile.  Don’t be shy as you go about it.  Keep it real, yet remember that a profile is in some ways an ad – its objective is to pique curiosity and interest.  Don’t try too hard, though, and don’t feel the need to put it all out there.  Like ads, the best profiles are authentic and leave you wanting more.

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