12 things women should know about men

Things girlfriends should know about men

Men and women have different tastes, interests, and perceptions when it comes to life, the universe, and everything.  It may seem like men are from Mars and women are from Venus, especially when you are in a relationship.  For relationships to work, a lot more than just love has to go into it.  Adjustments, compromises, and reconciliations are all part of a fulfilling relationship.  Sometimes, learning a bit more about the opposite gender can help fix a struggling relationship.  Here is a list of 12 things women should know about men.

1. Men cannot be changed easily

If the man you are in a relationship with has habits that you hope to change someday, you are mistaken.  Men cannot be changed easily, especially when they are happy with the way they are.  They need to change on their own. Love him for who he is.

2. Men like to feel needed

No matter how strong and independent a woman you are, men like to feel that they are indispensable to women.  They like to be the one to make their special woman feel safe and happy.  This makes them feel useful and gives them a sense of purpose.

3. Men don’t go only for looks

Not all men want a supermodel for a partner.  What most of them want is a well-mannered and an attractive woman.  They love a woman who is kind and caring too!

4. Selective hearing is real, but men do not like being nagged

Selective hearing is real
No to nagging

Selective hearing is common among men.  They pretend to listen to their girlfriends while their minds are actually wandering.  This arises because men and women have different topics of interest.

Even though men choose not to listen to many things women say, they do not like being nagged.  Women may feel the need to repeat, especially when they want their boyfriends to get something done.  However, men tend to view this as nagging and it is only going to annoy them more.  In their mind, they feel it is reasonable to get the task done in their own time.

5. Men need their space

Men need their space
Personal space; Ram Balmur

Just because you are a couple, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to go everywhere and do everything together.  Respect each other’s individuality and allow your man to have some time to himself.  He would want to get away occasionally for a guys’ night and having a good time.

6. Men can be possessive

We mentioned earlier that men like to feel needed.  They like it when you have your attention on him and dislike getting ignored.  They feel threatened if any other male friend of yours seem more important to you than him.  Possessiveness leads to jealousy in most cases and jealousy has no place in a healthy relationship.

7. Men may not observe what women want them to observe

Men may not observe what you want them to observe
Looking for clues

Men need not notice your new haircut or the way your living room has been rearranged.  They tend to overlook things that they believe are trivial.  On the other hand, they can be extremely observant when it comes to other matters that women generally overlook.  Can’t do anything about it ladies. It is the way they are wired!

8. Men are different around their friends

Men behave differently when with their male friends
Chillin with guys; Jacob Jung

When men are with their male gang of friends, they feel the need to fit in.  He may be embarrassed to show any form of affection when he is with his man-gang.  However, when he is alone with you, he doesn’t have to worry about fitting in.

9. Men don’t like being put down

This includes lecturing and reprimanding him in front of others, especially other men.  They will resent it, and it could become an issue in your relationship.  If you have problem with him, bring it up in private.

10. Confidentiality is important to men

You may think it is reasonable to tell you gal-pal about something your boyfriend shared with you.  However, more often than not, men expect women to keep to themselves whatever they share.

11. Men aren’t necessarily commitment-phobes

Not all men are commitment-phobes
Looking at the rest of his life

Genetically, men are born polygamous, which makes commitment a nightmare for them.  This does not mean that monogamy is dead, at least, not yet.  Most men want to find the right partner and be married to them for life.  They prefer settling down and raising a family with that one person.

12. Not all men are unemotional

Some men like to project themselves as being calm and collected.  But the truth is, they feel most of the emotions that women feel, but choose to hide them.  The next time you watch a sad movie with him, watch him from the corner of your eye, and you might just see him quickly dab away a teardrop.

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