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If Jodi365 Were a Movie

Here’s a problem with having movie stars for well-wishers: They act surprised to see you working from home on the morning of your site’s launch.  It’s not that they expected me to be on a road show already or at least away from home.  What confused them was my unkempt appearance: unshowered, in shorts, and with a week-old beard.  You see, when they think of ‘launch’, they picture the fan fare typically associated with movie releases: pujas, parties, press conferences, and promotions.
Some in the film industry may consciously shy away from gimmicky promotions, but the path to launch for movies is still generally a linear sequence of produce, release, and promote.  On rare occasions, you may see split-testing in the form of letting your audience decide between two alternative endings, but that’s about it.
For internet startups such as ours, however, the creative process is necessarily more iterative.  There isn’t just one launch moment, either.  Rather, the applicable mantra is “launch early, launch often!”  Now that we are in live beta, our immediate focus is to iteratively “build, measure, and learn” as we get to a finished product that young singles and their families see as a must-have.
We may be going about building an innovative, patent-pending method and system to help people find a compatible partner.  But it’s not just about the product. It’s also about the kind of people you can expect to find on the site.
Stay tuned as we gradually introduce our full feature set over the next 3-to-6 months and build a large base of excited and appreciative users!
Image courtesy of stevendepolo via Creative Commons.
Editor’s note:
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Anil Kumar is the founder and CEO of Jodi365.com, which aims to become the preferred matchmaking platform of educated Indian singles worldwide.

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