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The Writing of a Love Letter

The fifth in a new series of poems on love and longing.  If you’ve ever written someone a love letter, you’ll know the feelings described in this poem.

I wrote you a note.
I deliberated a while,
My mind filled with hesitation,
Heart beating in trepidation.

Not that it said much.
Simple words with a touch,
Sensitive maybe,
Foolish, could be.

Yet, I meant to tell you how I feel,
For, tongue-tied I am when we meet:
Words lost even if sweet,
What is said, unrelated,
Thoughts and words disassociated.

I have gathered my courage now,
To tell you how deeply in love
With you I am:

Sleepless nights, life a sham,
Darkness fills, your thoughts a lamp,
In every part of me, you are felt,
A pleasurable pain, life has dealt.

All these thoughts now in a note
That I feel brave enough to post.

The mind has overcome its hesitation,
But the heart awaits in trepidation,
Eager now to know your mind,
As I tell myself, it will all be fine.


‘Srika’ (Dr B Srikanth) is an orthopedic surgeon, singer, songwriter, and a self-taught musician.  He lives in London with his wife and two children.

Image courtesy of Linds via Creative Commons.



Editor’s note:

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