Cupid’s Arrow

The first in a new series of poems on love and longing.

Something struck my heart.
As if hit by a flower dart,
I felt a sweet pain,
an unexplained sensation,
like monsoon rains:
Drenched yet warm,
cold and yet hot.
A confused state.

Losing control of my fate,
work continues,
though smile not pruned.
Her eyes mesmerize.
Her face is all I visualize.
Her laughter, a rippling brook,
Leaves a hole inside,
now easy to look.

Something struck my heart.
As if hit by a flower dart,
I still felt a sweet pain.
An unexplained sensation still reigns.


‘Srika’ (Dr B Srikanth) is an orthopedic surgeon, singer, songwriter, and a self-taught musician.  He lives in London with his wife and two children.


Editor’s note:

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