18 Annoying Habits That Boyfriends and Husbands Could Shed for Domestic Peace

People across the globe strive to strengthen the ideals of peace, today being International Day of Peace.  Let’s begin at the grass roots.  What do you do as an individual to keep peace at home?  If you are in a relationship, or if you are married, you may find at least some of your partner’s quirks and foibles annoying.  A word of advice to them: Want not just international but also domestic peace? Cut out these annoying habits!

1. Being too critical

Patrick Q

Men, let’s get this straight.  Would you rather be right all the time or happy?  What is the point of being too critical if all it does is make your relationship more strained?  Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard about constructive criticism.  But bear in mind that its a two-way street.  Have the heart to accept criticisms as much as you love making them.  Otherwise, try keeping your mouth shut if you want peace at home.

2. Socks everywhere

Socks on the floor
Risa Ikeda

Your wife or your girlfriend did not sign up to raise a man-child.  So, do them a favor and pick up your dirty socks from the floor.

3.  Sniffing dirty clothes

Sniffing dirty clothes

If you wear your shirt once, whether it is for a couple of hours or for a whole day, throw it in the dirty-laundry basket.  Don’t leave it hanging on the back of your chair and don’t sniff it to see if it’s wearable or not when you want to go out the next time.  Trust me, it’s not a pleasant sight.

4.  Feigning ignorance of bodily noises

Darwin Bell

Both men and women burp, pass gas, and feel the need to blow their nose.  However, that does not justify behaving like a Neanderthal.  If you have to burp, keep your mouth closed and try to make as little noise as possible.  Also, keep your face away from the person sitting closest to you.  If you feel the need to blow your nose, do it in private if you can.  Your partner should not have to endure the obnoxious noises you are about to make.  Remember to say “Pardon me!” or “Excuse me!” instead of pretending like it never happened.  They don’t say ‘manners maketh a man’ for no reason.

5. Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries

Anniversaries and other dates
Elegante Press

In relationships as well as in marriages, men have been known not to remember important milestones.  Forgetting your partner’s birthday or your anniversary are considered unpardonable sins by women the world over, and you should know that by now!

6. Not lending a hand

Offer to help
Nathan Rupert

Household chores are not the woman’s responsibility alone.  Forget about helping. Get off the couch once in a while and at least offer to help out in the kitchen, especially when you know that she’s cooking for the two of you.

7. Not keeping track of names

Remembering names
Heather Acton

Make the effort to learn your partner’s friends’ names.  If your justification for forgetting names is that she has too many friends, just remember one thing: the excuse will not sit well with her.

8. Hogging the TV remote control

Hogging the remote control
Matt Clark

Hogging the remote control is one way to annoy your partner.  Also, rapid channel-hopping when the two of you are watching TV together is another way to get on her nerves.

9. Propensity for selective hearing

Selective hearing
Linda Flores

If your partner is venting her heart out, have the patience to listen until the end.  Women sometimes choose to ignore the fact that you are casually gazing at your phone while pretending to listen to them.  However, be ready to answer to her later when she chooses to question you on what you conveniently chose to tune out.

10.  Goofy jokes

Sudhakar Prabhu

Crack all your goofy jokes with your goofy friends.  Expecting us to laugh at them every single time, especially the sports ones that some of us don’t always get, is torture.

11. Reluctance to make the bed

Making the bed

Men’s logic: It is going to get messy again tonight.  So, what’s the point?

Women’s logic: Leaving the bed messy stunts the overall productivity of a person.  Moreover, who would want to look at a messy pile of sheets, pillows, and blankets?

12. Not putting the toilet seat down

Leaving the toilet seat up
Quinn Dombrowsky

If you took the trouble to lift the seat up before doing your business, you can very well put it down once you are done. How would you feel if you went to sit on the loo, especially when half-asleep at night, only to have your tush sink into the bowl? So, be a gentleman and put the seat down if you don’t want another argument with your wife or girlfriend.

Besides, it is common knowledge that flushing with the toilet seat and lid up causes germs to spread in the air. Remember that and you’ll make it a habit of keeping the seat down, even before flushing.

13. Manspreading on the couch

Michael Lehet

What makes men think that they can manspread on the couch and get away with it?  We only have one word for you.  BUDGE!

14. Shushing

Shushing is rude
Steve Silverman

When your wife/girlfriend goes on a rant, the last thing you would want to do is shush her.  More importantly, refrain from ever asking her if its ‘ that time of the month’.  Not every emotional outburst is hormonal.

15. Being insouciant

Make an effort
Yukiko Yamamoto

You will come across as uncaring if you easy get hooked on to a new video game or binge-watch shows on Netflix without making an effort to plan an occasional movie, or a dinner date with your partner.

16.  Playing fetch

Don't play fetch with the woman

If you and your partner are living under the same roof, there is no excuse for you not to know where household items such as the extra rolls of toilet paper and spare light bulbs are.  Repeatedly bugging your partner to fetch things for you is one way to get her annoyed.

17. ‘Forgetting’ to take out the trash

Forgetting to take the trash out
Sid Das

If if its your turn to take the trash out, kindly do it before the entire room starts stinking.

18. Snacking in bed

Snacking in bed
Karrie Nodalo

If you feel like having a midnight snack, head to the kitchen and fix yourself a snack.  Chips, cookies, or anything that crumbles (or spills) are not welcome in bed.  Imagine your partner waking up to find a stray Cheeto in her hair?  And whether the sandwich has a wrapper or not, put it on a plate so that no one has to spend hours needlessly vacuuming the house.


A shout-out to all the ladies out there who deal with these on an everyday basis:  Always remember that you can shed light on what you think about your man’s habit by talking to him, and by making a few compromises here and there.  Being annoyed is part of being human.  Also, just because a few of his habits annoy you, it does not mean that he is wrong for you.  Don’t forget: Girlfriends can be annoying too!

So, ladies, take heart. May the PEACE be with you!


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Editor’s note:

If you are a male and don’t have a girlfriend or wife yet, then remember this list in addition to the tips here: How To Get A Girlfriend: Tips For Single Men Who May Need Them.





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