What Is Love? Watch How an Elderly Couple Demonstrates it

Love manifests itself in many ways.  Here’s how it does in the life of an elderly couple.

What is love? It is a question that has bothered the young, the old, and the curious for ages.

Though just a four letter word, love means the world to people who have found it. It is strange that when in love, the smile of a loved one becomes your true happiness, a hug from them makes life’s problems feel distant, and just the presence of a loved one makes the world seem a better place.

Yet, we don’t claim to have the answer to what love is and all that it encompasses.  What we have instead is a sweet little story about an elderly couple, a story that demonstrates love.

This couple sets an example for all those who are busy finding faults in their partners. Finding faults is not an issue, but the way you look at it is. You love a person not just for their positive qualities but for who they truly are. Learning to accept and respect someone’s imperfections is one of the characteristics of love. At the same time, being in love doesn’t mean that you have to lose your individuality.  As the poet Gibran wrote, to love is neither to possess nor to be possessed.

Want to know what it feels like to be loved? Watch the video!


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Editor’s note:

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