10 Signs That You are in Love

It’s a beautiful feeling when you fall in love.  So that you recognize it when it hits you, we have compiled a list of some tell-tale signs.  Consider it a public-service message from

1. Your heart skips a beat when you see a call or text message from him.

2. Breathe the same air as her and you lose your breath.

3. Your mouth opens and closes in conversation, but words don’t come out the same way around him.

4. You know you should be getting some sleep, but you’d rather stay up all night talking on the phone.

5. You wish that every road led to your loved one.

6. You have a smile plastered on your face when you think of him, which is all the time.

7. You hold on to your phone as if your life depended on it, in anticipation of her calls or texts.

8. You start looking up recipes for his favorite dishes, even as you lose your own appetite.

9. You tend to put the other person’s wants and needs before yours.

10. You feel that the world just became a better place.

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