IIT-JEE, Entrance Exams, College Admissions? Hakuna Matata!

Know someone writing entrance exams or going through the college admissions process? Tell them this: Hakuna matata!

This weekend, over 500,000 candidates are expected to take what may be the last-ever Joint Entrance Examination to get into one of the IITs.  (As part of a reform of the process by which Indian science and engineering colleges admit students every year, the Central Government has proposed bringing them, starting with the IITs and the NITs, under a uniform Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test.)  Earlier this week, I met one of them.  I felt for the poor 17-year-old kid, for the stress that he must be facing as he goes through the college admissions process.

It’s funny how people think that what I do now, at a start-up, is stressful.  Then again, that may be a matter of perspective, the kind that comes after you’ve lumped it enough times to understand that life goes on even after extremely disappointing outcomes.

I have known many men and women who were naturally disappointed not to get into the college, university, or field of their dreams.  Some went into a funk, but the smarter ones recognized that success or failure is not a one-time event.  Just as getting into a top school doesn’t mean that you are set for life, not getting in also doesn’t mean that you are doomed.  In fact, those who learn to handle little setbacks early on are surely better equipped to handle the larger ones later in life.  And if there’s one thing that we can all be certain of, it is that setbacks are inevitable.  So, should you encounter one, thank yourself for the opportunity and remember this: What you make of any given situation – good or bad – matters more than the situation that you are in!

For now, though, set thoughts of setbacks aside.  If you are going through the college admissions process, then on behalf of the Jodi365 team, I wish you much success in the coming months and beyond!

Hakuna matata!

PS: If you are long out of college and feel nostalgic, or haven’t been tortured recently, or just want to know what the fuss about the IIT-JEE is about, check this out: IIT-JEE 2012 (It includes links to previous years’ question papers.)

PPS: If you aspire to attend a college abroad, you may find this post interesting: Things To Do Before You Go Overseas For Higher Studies.


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