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Grooming Tips For The Indian Groom

Grooming rituals
Grooming rituals

It’s mandatory for a man to look at his best on the day of his wedding.  You’re definitely not in a competition with your decked-up bride, who, with her flawless makeup and radiant smile, wins everybody’s attention without a doubt.  That should not stop you from following a few basic things that will help you become a well-groomed groom.


Plan. Write. Remember
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You might have heard enough about weddings being grand affairs and about how your two-day or three-day wedding could turn out to be an ordeal.  It will, however, not be as much of a hassle if you have a basic plan that chalks out simple grooming hacks to be followed over a two or three-month time span before D-Day.  You would not want to wait until the week before your big day to kick start your pre-wedding skin care and hair care regimen.  Going about it systematically will help you list out all the crucial aspects that need care and attention.

An Eternal Golden Braid

Getting the required sleep

The simple and most important ingredient for a bright and fresh look on the day of your wedding is not a face toner.  A face toner can never do the trick as effectively as sound sleep.  A good seven to eight hours of sleep, prior to the day of your wedding, will keep puffy eyes and dark circles at bay.  You definitely would not want to appear cranky and frustrated on the day of your wedding, when your sole job is to flash your best smile at the cameras and greet cheery wedding guests.

Fitting into you suit

Outfit rehearsal

A week prior to your big day, an outfit and makeup rehearsal comes highly recommended by wedding planners and stylists.  You might feel that it is a futile exercise but you will be thankful that you went ahead with it when you realize that you are no longer able to squeeze into that jaded, velvet sherwani or look dapper in that double-breasted jacket.  (Read How to Pick A Well-Fitted Suit For Young Men before you go shopping for your wedding suit.)  A week still gives you enough time to get your sherwani altered or to get a new one altogether.

Staying in shape
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All things said and done, it is still a nightmare when you realize, a week before your wedding, that your outfit, chosen with utmost care, does not fit you anymore.  The rich food served at home definitely does not work to your favor, unless you decide to combat the calories with regular physical exercise.  There is no need to go on an all-out crash diet just weeks before your wedding.  At the same time, avoiding oily foods and eating healthy will only do half of the job.  Apart from small things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you could also do with some time at the closest gym.  The last thing you want to do on the day of your wedding is to hold in your breath so that the camera does not capture your paunch.


Hair care

Being told that there are no vacancies for a golden facial at the fanciest salon in town might be a huge issue for your fiancée and it might be a relief to you that you do not have to worry about those things.  Nevertheless, periodical visits to the salon, in the run-up to your wedding day, are extremely crucial.  By following a weekly or monthly hair care routine, you will be doing a huge favor to your stylist on the day of your wedding.  You might want to contain the urges to experiment, and get a haircut that you are certain will make you look like a star.  Getting your hair treated for dandruff is something you should be doing anyway.


While visiting the salon

Now that you will be visiting the salon for hair care, you might as well get a mani-pedi done.  Remember that your nails and toes will be on full public display as you perform the wedding rituals.

As much as you might love a beard, it may be in your interest either to get a clean shave or keep the beard trimmed.  You might also have to lean in closer to the mirror and look for black heads, white heads, pores, and acne.  Resist the urge to prick them with your fingers; instead, make an appointment with a dermatologist.  In order to prevent these elements from robbing you of your squeaky clean, spotless face on the day of your wedding, be sure to religiously wash your face with a mild soap multiple times a day.


Jason Pier in DC

You would be making a mistake if you believe that the above exercises are sufficient.  All the care provided to the hair and skin will be fruitless if you fail to keep yourself hydrated day in and day out.  Drinking two liters of water a day not only boosts your immunity but also washes away impurities of the skin.  You will be pleased to hear that a simple mixture of lime juice, honey, and water produces wondrous effects on the body.

Picking the right fragrance

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Lastly, spend some time to choose the right cologne for your big day.  You would not want to be emanating an odor so strong that it gives people a headache.  At the same time, you would not want to leave things to fate by not wearing any cologne.  Be sure to test the perfume on your skin before purchasing it because the perfume needs to sit on your skin for a while for you to really know how it would smell on you.  A general rule for men is to avoid fruity and flowery essences.  The perfume you wear should not be the only thing that grabs people’s attention.

Wedding album

There is no better incentive to look your best on the day of your wedding than your wedding album.  Now that you have these handy grooming tips, there is no excuse either!

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Editor’s note:

We also realize that grooming tips for the bride are just as important. Read them here: Beauty Tips for the Indian Bride-To-Be.

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