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Everyone likes to be liked

I remember being in fifth grade in Chennai (then Madras) and having an English teacher try to pry a story’s main point out of my class.  Evidently, we 10-year-olds didn’t see the story the same way she did, because she had to give out the punchline: “Everyone likes to be praised.”

If she were to reprise her class in this Facebook age, she may well revise it to, “Everyone likes to be liked.”  We certainly do, and we have just crossed a small but satisfying milestone: Over 1000 fans already on our official Facebook page, before we’ve even gone live.

The distinction of being Fan #1000 goes to Sidharth Kapileshwar of Miami, Florida.  Sidharth has an undergraduate degree from IIT-Bombay and Master’s degrees from Ohio State and Chicago Booth.

What prompted him to like our Facebook page?  “Jodi365 addresses the needs of a demanding market with an elegant package and does it with extraordinary entrepreneurial zeal!”  He adds, “My wife and I plan to introduce the site to our single friends and cousins.”

The inspired click of a mouse just won Sidharth a special prize from us: A free 6-month premium subscription to Jodi365.com, to gift to a friend or relative once we launch.

To our other friends, fans, and well-wishers: Thanks for all the love and support!


Editor’s note:

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Anil Kumar is the founder and CEO of Jodi365.com, which aims to become the preferred matchmaking platform of educated Indian singles worldwide.

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