When do you know you are ready for a relationship

Knowing your partner

When does one start looking for a partner? How do they know they’re ready for a relationship? The answer, while it seems obvious, is a tricky one. Read below to know.

  1. Know yourself fairly well:  You should be aware of your thoughts and emotions, how you express them, and how they affect those around you. It is an important factor in a healthy relationship to understand your actions and their impact. You should know your likes and dislikes. Once you get in a relationship, there is a whole new person to get to know, so make sure you at least know yourself enough, so there is not too much work to be done.
  2. Be comfortable: Comfort speaks volumes in a relationship. If both of you are not the same page and constantly checking in with each other, it might be difficult in the future. Get comfortable not just with each other but also with the time frame. You are in no rush. Remind yourself of that.   
  3. A relationship is not the answer to your loneliness/ mental suffering: It is not going to magically make you happy or erase your problems. So if you want a relationship just to have a companion you can dump your baggage on, think again. Maybe what you’re looking for are friends, people to spend time with. Or a therapist, because it helps to have a professional help you in navigating your mental health. While it is healthy to lean on partners for support, there is a difference between leaning on their shoulder and them completely carrying you.
  4. You are only ready for a relationship when you are okay with sharing: Sharing inputs for good communication, sharing interests so that you know how to fulfill your partner’s needs, and sharing plans, so you both can support each other on your paths, professionally and personally.
  5. You are only ready for a relationship when you’re ready for giving: Giving your partner the attention and care they deserve. And giving up the things you can’t change about them.

Being in healthy, stable, happy and long relationships is something we all crave for. The good thing is, we can work towards it!

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