You are 8 steps away from finding your life partner online


Yes. Finding your life partner online has never been easier.

These eight steps will prove to be helpful.

Online dating is like eating paani puri. It is both khatta and meeta.

Keep faith though. You will find your heart’s content. And if you are willing to explore the possibilities, stick around 🙂

A click away to your partner!

1. Take charge

This is your life. Period. I will say it again if you need a reminder. This is your life. You get to choose who you want to end up with. You get to choose who loves you and who you want to love. You.

Searching for life partners on the web also puts you in the driver’s seat.

2. Be authentic

Do yourself and others a favor by not trying to be extra “cool” in your profile. People tend to birth their alter egos online. Stay away from people who are more worried about their image than character.

3. Your online profile must be engaging

Because no one wants to know the type of your blood group. No one cares if you are right-handed or left. They want to know what makes you unique. What sets you apart? Do you dip cookies in tea? Have you lost to every PUBG game you have played? Did you save up money to buy that one pair of shoes? Did you hike up there? It also makes for some great conversation.

4. Choose good photos

Put your best foot forward and choose pictures that highlight the best of you. A solo photo of you smiling will do more than enough. Many sites also give you an option to put up at least four more pictures. Choose various angles that can elevate your profile.

5. Do not rush the process

You do not have to throw in the towel because your tryst with online dating was bad. Tag them under learning experiences. Do not put the burden on a complete stranger to be the husband/wife of your dreams.

6. Use the right site/app

It is vital because that platform is where you are standing on. Study all the apps and make an informed choice yourself. (Hello, Jodi365.)

7. More dates, less investment

Have you ever read a menu with too many options and then you don’t know what you want to order anymore? You don’t even know what you wanted to have in the first place. It is the true with online dating. It increases the disposability factor and  mindless scrolling. You might want to sieve through by using filters.

8. Get to the point

Some people get stuck with the “How are you?” and the weather chit-chat over text. Now do you understand why #3 is important? Also, it is highly recommended that the other person knows you are looking for something serious right from the start. That way, there is clarity for both the parties.

If you are reading this, then you are on the right track. Because you are not here for frivolous dating. You are not here for time pass. You want a life partner, an ally. You are here for you. And that in itself is a commendable effort.

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