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to arranged marriages
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Breaking matrimonial
Jodi365 has even been accessed from inside the Obama White House!
We are not the typical matrimonial site. We are not a casual dating app, either.
We are different in that we believe:
we believe
People are not 2-minute noodles.
Noodles may be cooked in two minutes, and so may a profile on other matchmaking sites and apps. Not here.

Our thoughtful, in-depth profile questionnaire shows that a prospect is earnest, and helps you truly get to know someone.
we believe
Quality matters.
No riff-raff or “time pass” seekers here. No database bloated with fake profiles, either. We manually screen each profile and ruthlessly boot suspect users.

By raising the bar, we strive to ensure that you see only genuine profiles of people who are serious about finding a match.
we believe
People marry when they are ready.
People at different stages in their lives and careers have different time frames for marriage. We recognize that.

We match people according to their life stages and desired time frames too. No more ambiguity.
we believe
In matching people, not “bio data”. In BI, not AI.
We’re not merely classified ads gone online. Yet, no AI BS here, either. Just BI (basic intelligence). A lot of it.

Through feature-rich profiles and a personality inventory, we bring out the person behind a profile, while our unique PreferenceGraph helps to bring out what you truly want in a partner. Better yet, your preferences stay hidden. So, no one can game them and you don’t have to worry about being judged.

The upshot is that our patent-pending matching system provides truer matches.
we believe
Private info should stay private
Most other sites let random visitors view your name and/or photos, as bait for new users. We don’t.

We don’t expose unsuspecting users’ profiles to web search engines, either. Your profile and photos are displayed by default only to registered users with verified phone numbers and who also pass your match filters.

We offer additional, unmatched privacy safeguards for your photos and sensitive profile details.

we believe
You own your data. And we respect that.
Even well-known matrimonial sites let random people view or buy access to your phone number. We don’t.

Only you can give out your phone number on Jodi365. Not only that, we offer innovative tools such as SecureDial™, which lets you talk to potential matches without revealing your phone number.

Indeed, no competing site or app takes user privacy and data security more seriously.
we believe
Finding a match is just the beginning.
We don’t just find you a match. We help you set the foundation for a successful, lasting relationship.

Through our complementary wedding, honeymoon, and event planning platform,, we also help people to nurture and celebrate their relationships for years to come.
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