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Bachelors We Don’t Want to Let Go of!

Yes, we love matchmaking and we love couples and all things couples. However, there are some moments when we let our selfish selves take over. Here is the list of people we hope remain single through 2012.
I’d put him on next year’s list too. George Clooney is the one bachelor who is bound to remain single for a while yet. He’s been married before and has chosen to remain unmarried since then. We’re not complaining in the least!
Purely because Rockstar showed us that he can show us what pain looked like and despite the existential angst that he faced, he still looked like a million bucks. Icing on the cake? He’s a momma’s boy and adores his mother to death. We love that about him!
He might not have made a great impression as Green Lantern, but Ryan Reynolds’ split from Scarlet Johansson has given many women a lot of hope. His romance with Blake Lively, we will ignore for the time being.
The success of Ainvayi Ainvayi as a song is purely because of his dance moves. His floppy hair in Tarkeebein, his killer smile, and his love for chocolate are enough reason for us to want to keep swooning, without feeling like we’re stealing someone else’s man.
300 changed the world’s perception of this Scottish hunk. The film was followed by P.S. I Love You. After the release of the romantic tearjerker, Gerard Butler became a constant presence in the “He’s a hottie” circuit. He’s single. He’s ready to mingle. And most important? He says he loves women who are sweet and have a good heart.
When Brokeback Mountain came out, a lot of women believed that Jake Gyllenhall was probably gay, his portrayal was that authentic. He then followed it up with critically-acclaimed roles in Zodiac and Rendition. After almost being Batman and almost being Spider-Man, Jake was cast in 2010’s most anticipated movie – The Prince of Persia. As of now, he’s looking to settle down and find the right woman.
Ever since Rang De Basanti, Kunal Kapoor has been in the news for his acting as well as his gorgeous looks. His most recent outing is in Don 2 where he plays a hacker. Known for his height as well as his charisma on screen, he is one hunk we hope to see more of in Bollywood.
Following his break-up with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor’s career and personal life have taken on a whole new dimension. From his superb performances in Jab We Met andKaminey to big-banner projects, he has come a long way from being one of the dancers inTaal. Until his next film, we’re perfectly happy sharing imaginary cups of coffee with him!
Image courtesy of maewe via Creative Commons.
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