I See God in You

“I see God in you.”  Is there be a better way of expressing your love for and devotion to someone you love?  The song, Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, from Rab ne bana di jodi sums up well how I feel about the loving man that I have been married to for almost ten years.

Each and every aspect of the song touches my heart: the lyrics, the music, the presentation, the colors, and also the expressiveness of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma (on whom the song was picturised).

Here are some of the beautiful lines from the song (translated from Hindi):

You are my heaven, you are my passion

You are my wish, you are the peace of my soul

You are the (soothing) cold of my eyes, you are the beating of my heart

I don’t know anything else, I know only this:

That I see God in you.  What do I do?


I can relate to the essence of each line.  It’s as if the lyricist, Jaideep Sahni, has given voice to my feelings for my love.  I especially loved Shreya Ghoshal’s rendition of the song.  I think she is amazing and wish she had been given more lines to sing, but I can live listening to just this small piece:

One other line of the song goes: Sajde sar jhukta hai, yaara mein kya karoon.  (My head bows down in your worship.  What do I do?)  I bow before this mesmerizing composition!

P.S.: If somebody can help me identify the musical instrument that plays the soothing notes at the beginning of the song, I would appreciate it.


Image: Flickr/rodrigomuller


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