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Know how a song can keep ringing in your ears some times?  Try as you might, but you can’t get it out of your head?  Well, there’s one stuck in my head at the moment.  Thankfully, it’s a melodious classic, from the Hindi movie, Guide: Tere, mere sapne (“Your dreams and mine”), sung by Mohammed Rafi and picturised on Dev Anand and Waheeda Rahman.

Click on the YouTube video below to listen to the song.

We wrote about wedding vows recently.  This entire song could have been one!  I am not ashamed to admit that one verse in particular induced goose bumps.  It’s the 30-second portion from 1:58 to 2:28 in the video:

Tere dukh ab mere,
Mere sukh ab tere.
Tere yeh doh nainaa,
Chaand aur sooraj mere.

The transliterated lines mean:

Your griefs are now mine,
My joys are now yours.
These two eyes of yours
Are my moon and sun.

(For those who are interested, the lyrics and a translation of the entire song are at this fan page.)

Have a song that you’d like to share with us?

Image courtesy of benetton via Creative Commons.

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