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Ideas for Personalized Wedding Favors and Return Gifts That Guests Will Love!

Weddings are vibrant,  loud, and pompous celebrations in India, and form an integral part of the Indian culture.  The tradition of showing gratitude to the guests who come to bless the newly married couple has been around for many years.  But the Indian idea of wedding favors and return gifts has historically been a box of assorted Indian sweetmeats.  Sticking to a box of sweets has now come to be seen as unoriginal and unimaginative.

For your guests to appreciate them, return gifts have to be unique and of some use to them. They can be personalized with the couple’s names or initials.  If you are planning a themed wedding, wedding favors can complement the theme.  The extra effort put into the smallest of details will go a long way in helping others remember your big day long after it is over.  Here is a list of 10 ideas for wedding favors and return gifts you can easily incorporate into your wedding planning.

#1. Coasters

Coasters as wedding favors
Sarah Parrot

Coasters are useful items that can be made as pretty as you want them to be.  They are inexpensive, and customizing them will not eat into your wedding budget.  Besides, they are must-haves in every household.

#2. Gift boxes with potpourri, scented candles, or tealights

Gift boxes as wedding favors
Travis Modisette

There won’t be many people out there who do not like aromatic candles and potpourri.  In a gift box with your initials imprinted, put some potpourri and candles and have them handed out to your wedding guests.

#3. Homemade preserves

Home-made preserves as wedding favors

Does your family have a secret jam or pickle recipe that your relatives and friends love?  Celebrate the family heirloom recipe by commissioning people to make it in big batches and distribute them to guests on your wedding day.

#4. Thank-you cards

A pretty thank-you card
Sarah Parrot

Thank-you cards are the simplest and easiest way to let your guests know how much you and your partner appreciate them being present on your big day.  Hand-written thank-you cards can be made if your guest list is not that long.  Otherwise, opt for printed ones.  However, remember to add a personal touch to each card so that it does not appear as a formality alone.

#5. Potted plants or succulents

Potted-plants as wedding favors
The Weddings Page

A small potted plant or a succulent will make a tasteful wedding favor.  Make sure they are small enough so that they do not take up too much space.  You can be assured that they will find a place on your guest’s desk or window sill.

#6. Notebooks

Wedding favor notebooks
Sarah Parrott

A notebook is a useful piece of stationary that will come handy for your guests at some point or the other.  The prettier it is, higher the chance of your guests cherishing them.

#7. Hand-held fans

Hand-held fans as wedding favors
Allison Richards

Decorative hand-held fans also make good wedding souvenirs.  Considering the generally warm Indian climate, they will be deeply appreciated by guests.


Bookmarks as wedding favors

If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, handing out bookmarks with a lovely quote relating to matrimony will serve as a great idea for a wedding favor.  Try to make them as attractive and memorable as possible.

#9. Mason jars with goodies inside

Mason jars make good gift boxes
Kendra Hartmann

Keep up with the mason jar trend by turning them into beautiful gift boxes for your give-away goodies.  You can fill them with candies, chocolates, and trinkets such as name tags and key chains bearing the couple’s initials.

#10. Custom made soaps

Soaps as wedding favors
Debbie Chialtas

This is one item that you can be sure your guest would put to good use.  Nobody throws out a bar of soap, especially if it looks pretty and smells heavenly.  Which is why scented soaps bearing the couple’s initials make for a good wedding favor.



Featured image courtesy of Corey Balazowich.


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