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10 Cool Ideas for an Indian Summer Wedding

  1. An Indian summer wedding is the ultimate occasion to experiment with bright and bold summer hues. Be daring, throw in all the festive colors, and make a bold statement!

Indian woman dressed in bright colors

Image courtesy of Rahul de Cunha
  1. Give your wedding a dash of tropical feel with colorful fruit drinks at the drinks station. You know what would be cooler? Serving the drinks in fruit glasses!

 Fruit drinks and mocktails                   

Image courtesy of Allegory Malaprop
  1. To make your summer wedding more entertaining, hand out vibrant hand-held fans to the guests upon their arrival. Not only will it provide them relief from the heat, but it will also add more color to your wedding. Plus, if the bride’s and groom’s names are engraved on it, it could be a souvenir to cherish.

Beautiful, folding hand fans

Image courtesy of Dorothy Thompson
  1. Talking about souvenirs, colorful sunglasses with the happy couple’s names etched on them would be another exciting wedding prop and nothing is more evocative of summer style than a pair of sunglasses.

Colorful sunglasses

Image courtesy of Christian Schnettelker
  1. Set up a self-serve stall exclusively for fruity popsicles to give your guests one more way to beat the heat. Adults and children alike will happily help themselves to a popsicle. Also, a photo booth by the stall’s side could guarantee a lot of funny pictures – of guests posing with popsicles – to add to your wedding memories.

Fruity popsicles

Image courtesy of Annie
  1. Include flamboyant garden umbrellas and parasols to bring in a riot of color to the wedding decor. It will give the right feel for an outdoorsy summer wedding while giving the photographers a lot of colors to brighten up the frames.

Garden umbrella

Image courtesy of SarahTz
  1. If a popsicle stand is not your thing and you want to add more Indianness to your wedding, how about a tender-coconut stand instead? Throw in colorful straws and cocktail umbrellas to turn up the heat, figuratively, and make everyone feel cool, literally and figuratively!

Tender-coconut drink

Image courtesy of Jason Bagley
  1. What is a wedding without flowers? Incorporate flowers tastefully into your wedding – use them as table centerpieces, replace cloth curtains with flower curtains, and so on.  The ideas are endless. Don’t forget the phoolon ka chader (blanket of flowers) for the bride’s grand entry.

Flower bouquet

Image courtesy of Mark Wallace
  1. Colorful bubble makers for the kids to play with, plus a mechanical bubble maker at the entrance can give your summer wedding a breezy fairy-tale edge. Iridescent bubbles all around will definitely create magical photographs to be treasured forever.


Image courtesy of Clint Mason
  1. Multi-colored paper lanterns can be delightful wedding decor during the day as well at night, especially if the celebrations continue after sunset. They’ll serve the purpose and yet be easy on your wedding budget.

Multi-colored paper lanterns

Image courtesy of Gwen

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