How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Back

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Have your heart set on someone, but you aren’t sure if she feels the same way?  A girl need not always explicitly show that she is interested in you.  But there are common manifestation of attraction that you can notice if you pay attention.  Here’s how you can tell if a girl likes you back so that you can confidently ask her out.

1. Extra glances coming your way

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If you’ve seen her with other male friends of hers, you will be able to tell if she treats you the same way she treats them, or if she’s different when you’re around.  She might spend more time talking to you even when you’re in a group.  She might throw a few extra glances in your direction if you’re the one she has a soft spot for.

2. Personal questions

If she spends a considerable amount of time trying to get to know you better, it is a sure sign that she has taken a liking for you.  No girl would waste her time trying to find out what your favorite color is, or what your favorite food for breakfast is, unless she’s genuinely into you.  So, if you’re getting bombarded with questions such as those, you can assume that she’s showing you the green light.

They might also share stories about themselves, which they wouldn’t have disclosed to anybody else.

Eyes giveaway more than they say
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While in a group, she might also look intently into your eyes to see how you react to things she’s saying, rather than treating you like another person in the group.

3. Laughing and giggling more around you

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If she laughs and giggles more often than usual when you’re around, you can say she has taken a fancy for you.

If you happen to bump into her unexpectedly, notice the change in how she’s behaving.  She might appear flustered at having been caught off guard.  You might notice her trying to fix her hair or adjust her clothes so that she looks the best.  She wouldn’t care about her appearance so much if it were a guy she did not care about.

4. She’ll give you her number

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Women do not give away their phone numbers to just any guy she meets.  So, if she’s the one giving you her number, you can take it as a sign that she might be interested.

5. Voice changes

According to a report in The Journal of Nonverbal Communication, the vocal tones of both men and women tend to go down when they’re talking to somebody they’re attracted to.  The changes in the tone and pitch are easily noticeable signs that will give you a hint as to whether she likes you or not.

6. Imitation

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If a girl likes you, she will unconsciously start mimicking your behavior, such as picking up any of your habits or finishing off your sentences.  The same applies for men who find themselves attracted to another person.  This phenomenon called ‘interactional symmetry’ is something that begins from the time we are all babies.

7. When she touches you

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If a woman doesn’t like you, she is not going to touch you at all.  So, if she casually places her hand on your arm, or pushes you, or holds out a hand to be pulled up, you can go ahead with your intuition of her liking you.

8. Not-so-subtle hints

If she likes you, she might let you know that through hints that you can easily decipher.  If she says things such as ‘Since I don’t have a boyfriend..’ or ‘Not dating anybody, 100% single’, it could mean that she’s hoping you would take the hint and ask her out.

9. How her friends react

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You can also tell if a girl likes you from the way her friends react to you.  If they suddenly come up with excuses to be elsewhere, leaving the two of you alone, it is a sign that she has confided in them about liking you and they are playing along to give you and her some privacy.

10. One-to-one conversation

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In the event that you do end up being alone with her, notice if she seems excited about talking to you.  If she keeps looking around in the hopes that someone might come rescue her from the conversation you are having with her, it is a sure sign that she’s not interested in you at all.  Same applies if she would rather check her phone than keep up a conversation with you.

If she happens to be talking to another guy when you approach her, and she vaguely waves at you and quickly turns her full attention back to the other guy, it is an indication that she’s not that into you.

11. Laughing at all your jokes

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If a girl is interested in you, she will laugh at your jokes no matter how lame they maybe.  Girls are also very generous with compliments when it comes to the they are attracted to.  So, it is safe to assume she is interested in you if she compliments even the slightest of efforts from your part.

So, go ahead and ask her out if you really think she’s into you.  But sometimes, signs can be misleading and she may turn you down.  But understand that a no means a no and respect her decision – not all girls play hard to get.  Do not be disheartened if that happens.   Read How to Find Someone to Date for tips on finding your match.

12. She likes your online profile

Duh!  The signals don’t get clearer than this.  Make the next move, genius.



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